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Welcome Friends and Chrysler Enthusiasts to another monthly newsletter. It is great to see some new people at our Club meetings again.

I had a chat with some of the club members that showed up to the club meeting about an electrical problem that I had with the almighty phoenix and it was after the- chat with these club members that I found the problem. Have you considered the chance meeting with a club member to sort out a problem with your classic Chrysler? As with every club meeting, we have a tea and talk after so that all can be sorted out and that is from the air con to the electrical to upholstery problems that we all have when we are trying to restore our pride and joy.

This also goes for the club runs that are organised for the members to participate in. We don’t just go on a club run to use fuel, it’s also a great time to get some insight into the running of our family of Chrysler sheet metal. Therefore, if you do come on a club run you can not only meet new friends but also you can get valuable information on how to keep your Classic Chrysler on the road.

Club members have asked me how the Chrysler 300 is going. Let me tell you, it is the poverty pack of the Chrysler 300 family. The 300 limited is just under the 300C, minus the rear window shade that goes up and down when you put it into reverse. It also isn’t equipped with the programmable electric seats or rain-sensitive windscreen. I had to wait twelve months for the Canadians to put the GPS into the dash, as that only comes in the 300C. I also wanted the cloth seats, so I had to wait for that as well. However, captive reader, it was worth the wait. I had to forgo the HEMI, as I could not afford the weight of my right foot resting on the go peddle.

Now, as before, I have made mention that we need a club secretary so that we can get things up and running for the club. It is not a major task, in fact it can be fun, so please do try out for the finals of who will get the secretary’s job.

So let us get out there, support the club on the runs and have the fun that we all planned to have when we started with the Club.

Graham McLean,
Chrysler Owners Club of Qld  Inc

Welcome friends and Chrysler Enthusiast to another monthly newsletter, it is great to see some new people at our Club meetings again. I was asked again about the additions to the club rules regarding the three activities per year to maintain your membership as well your SIV rego at last month club .....