Chrysler vehicles

Another Christmas has come and gone, and a new year has begun.
Since the last newsletter we have had our Club Christmas party, our January meeting, and also our January club run. (On Australia day) It was great to catch up the members in the spirit of Christmas at the Christmas party. I hope everyone had a great time.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Australia day Run, but I believe everyone that attended had a good time.
Our next run will be a combined run with the Rootes Group Car Club. It should be an interesting day where we can see some of the different Rootes Group vehicles, and make some new friends.

Till Next month, Stay safe & have a great time.


Hello everyone.

It’s October & we have Chrysler Expo coming up, and we had our run to the Beaudesert Swap, and our club AGM.

Thanks to everybody that came along on the run. I’m sure we all had a great day. Although Tina & I only went to the park, all of the others we spoke to had a great .....

Hello everyone.
Another month has come & gone & we have had some cracker events, and great cruising weather. President’s day has been for another year, and I would have to say thanks to everybody that came along. The Bargain of the day would have been Roy’s boot full of door knobs. Anyone .....

Hello, and welcome to the July 2015 Newsletter.
Hello everyone.
Winter is finally with us and has seen us having some beautiful crisp fine days perfect for outings in our cars.
We have had our club (re-)run to the Old School breakfast & then the Indian motorcycle museum and it was a great day .....

Hello, and welcome to the June 2015 Newsletter.
Hello everyone.
Another month has come and gone and we have had a great time rediscovering the enjoyment of driving our Signet.
We went along on the Beenleigh historical village run, and I have also been taking it to work and doing some cruising on .....

Hello, and welcome to the May 2015 Newsletter.
I hope that this newsletter finds everybody in good spirits and good health. I must admit Tina & myself have had a pretty laid back month with not a lot going on. (Car wise) We came along for the run to Petrie markets, and we thoroughly enjoyed .....

Hello, and welcome to the April 2015 Newsletter.
It has been a busy month for Chrysler Enthusiasts with Chryslers on the Murray, Mopar Muscle Weekend and Chryslers on the Coast I hope that this newsletter finds everybody in good spirits and good health. Our March run to the Gold Coast was great. We .....