The majority of the Management Committee agree that: 
The April, May and June General Meetings and Club Runs should be cancelled and that the situation be reviewed close to 30 June
Publication of the newsletter be suspended, but an abbreviated form may be published if required.

Chrysler vehicles

Hello, and welcome to the May 2015 Newsletter.
I hope that this newsletter finds everybody in good spirits and good health. I must admit Tina & myself have had a pretty laid back month with not a lot going on. (Car wise) We came along for the run to Petrie markets, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I will have to personally thank Ron for the work he has done on my Signet and it was great to get in & drive it again. Now that the electrics have been sorted out, I just have to give it a service & start enjoy driving it. President’s day is coming up in July & we will be having the good old car boot sale, & BBQ at the club rooms. So dig out some of the old stuff around your place, load up the boot & come along. You might even end up going home with a few dollars in your pocket. Keep an eye on the coming events for the date. . Check out our coming events for the next couple of months, and get out there with your Chryslers and enjoy the cooler weather.
Our minutes can be found in the preceding pages. Please see the “Forward look” or “Fluid drive” for more details on events & runs. Till Next month, Stay safe & have a great time.


Hello, and welcome to the April 2015 Newsletter.
It has been a busy month for Chrysler Enthusiasts with Chryslers on the Murray, Mopar Muscle Weekend and Chryslers on the Coast I hope that this newsletter finds everybody in good spirits and good health. Our March run to the Gold Coast was great. We

Hello, and welcome to the March 2015 Newsletter.
It is hard to believe that the year is going by so quickly. I hope that this newsletter sees everybody in good spirits and good health. Our February run had some last minute changes, but a great day was had by all that attended. We had a great

Hello, and welcome to the Feb 2015 Newsletter. We have had our first club run of the year and it was to the Australia Day Rally hosted by the Bayside Restorers Club. I didn’t get along to this one, but if it was like the ones I have been to in the past I am sure that everyone had a leisurely look

Hello, and welcome to Jan 2015. Another month and another year has come & gone.
I hope that all of our members had a happy and safe Christmas, and a great new year. My resolution for this year is to drive safely and enjoy time with family, close friends and my cars.
Our run for November was to

Hello, and welcome to the November 2014 Newsletter. Another month has come & gone.
This month saw a personal milestone for me in that I turned 50. This was a quiet occasion, but one which I shared with family & close friends.
Our big event, Chrysler Expo on October 5th at Rothwell was

Hello, and welcome to the October 2014 Newsletter.
For those that don’t know, my name is Mick Denman & I am happy to announce that I was elected President at the AGM on 18/09/2014.
I would like to thank the past committee for their hard work & dedication throughout the year, and also wish