Chrysler vehicles

Welcome friends and Chrysler Enthusiasts to another monthly newsletter, it is great to see some new people at our Club meetings again. It was good to see a new member rejoin.

This letter starts with the club run to the Fox & Hound (Old English Pub). We had a great showing of club members 27 in total after the initial talk at the start we set off to a park just past the Russel Hinze park. That turned out to be a great place to park and have morning tea, and a chat with the club members and some of the public. After some time admiring the view of the lake\river and some morning tea coffee cake and biscuits, we got the word that it was time to leave. So, after the usual confusion of who reversed first without hitting another car, we got it sorted and away we went with an audience of about 10 local admirers.

The food was fantastic but the timing was just terrible they had another booking at 1:00pm and wanted us out before that so they could get ready. That is fair but not if you do not get your food until 3 minutes to 1:00pm! :)

Just two days before I got to on this Club run, I got an email telling me that our Bruce Robinson had taken a fall and was unable to go on the run. I later found out that Bruce had a very bad accident and will be off the road for some time.  Bruce, on behalf of the club members we hope you get well soon and back on the road.

Christmas Party

As it is now getting closer to December, we will be having the Club XMAS party at the club rooms on the 29 th Nov 2020.

Very soon you will be getting your invitation to the party with the request for the $15 dollars refundable deposit if you show up. This is to reduce the cost to the club for the no shows as it still costs the club your meal money. So, in essence the club pays for the dinner party you get your deposit back on the day if you turn up.

Next Club Meeeting

Our next club meeting will have an EXPO meeting before so if you would like to help out in the planning and organizing please do turn up early about 6:30pm on the third Wednesday of the month.

We also need people to help out on the day and due to COVID compliance, we will need more club members than normal so please help out for Chrysler EXPO.

We do not have a club meeting in the month of December. 

So, let us get out there, support the club on the runs, and have the fun that we all planned to have when we started with the Club.