Thursday August 26 - Good afternoon everyone!

Just letting you know Chrysler Expo is planned to go ahead, Sunday 5 September at Rocklea Show Grounds (unless there’s a Qld Health Directive or maybe bad weather is forecast). Here’s a few pointers to make it easier for you and us.

  • Entry to the Show Grounds will be from Goburra St, Ipswich Rd end with no stopping at the street entrance (this will avoid traffic congestion in surrounding streets). Should parking spaces on the Show Grounds reach capacity, vehicles will be directed to the Rocklea State School oval, about 100m left hand side down Goburra St from the main Show Grounds entrance.  
  • Entry for heavy vehicles, exhibitors, stall holders etc onto the oval, will be from Goburra St, close to Pegg Rd.
  • Inside these entrances, there will be a place to stop to confirm your Covid registration and pay your admission fee. If you can complete your Covid registration before this entry point - great, and have the correct money ready ($10pp, children under 14 free). This will help keep the lines moving.
  • In order to protect all of us, social distancing is required. Although masks are not compulsory at present, it is highly recommended. For added precautions, we have engaged cleaners and security people to ensure full compliance.

We look forward to seeing you and having a happy time. 

Doug Murphy
Chrysler Owners’ Club of Qld Inc.

Chrysler Expo 2021 Brochure

cover imageThe Chrysler Owners’ Club Qld is planning to present it’s Chrysler Expo 2021 on Fathers Day Sunday 5th September 2021 at Rocklea Show Grounds.

Expo would feature the show n shine of Mopars, the swap meet and the diverse range of vintage and historic themed exhibits (trucks, buses, taxis, fire engines, ambulances, speed cars, motor cycles, mopeds, Penny Farthing bikes and other historical cycles, stationary engines) and more. 

Exhibitors are welcome to come in period dress. The 2019 Chrysler Expo, the first with vintage and historic themes, was big and varied, and we anticipate Expo in 2021 will be brighter and with even more variety. 

Within the Covid 19 Safety Plan applicable to the Show Grounds,  a crowd of up to 5000 can be admitted. There will be close adherence to social distancing, hygiene, contact tracing and other rules.

Presentation of Chrysler Expo will be conditional upon Covid Safe rules and health authority directives that may apply in September 2021. If Expo 2021 is cancelled, notices will be posted on this website, the Chrysler Owners’ Car Club Facebook page and the Chrysler Expo Facebook page. 

Expo commences at 6 am for the swap meet and goes to about 2pm. Exhibitors are expected to be in place on the oval by 7.30- 8 am. Admission prices are $10 per person, children under 14 are free. Parking in the open area outside the oval is free. We expect overflow parking will be available on the Rocklea State School oval. This is in Goburra Street about 100m past the entry into the Show Grounds, left hand side. There would be gold coin donation. 

Chrysler Expo 2021 Brochure    /    Showgrounds Map   /   Entry Form and COVID Checkin 

There will be close adherence to social distancing and hygiene rules. In order to minimise traffic blocking surrounding streets, entry into the Show Grounds will involve minimal stopping at the entrance in Goburra Street. If you would use the QR code for the Show Grounds – (to be included here when available) this would help.

We plan to hand out, upon entry, an Entry Information page which will also have the QR code printed on the overside. If you are a visitor or patron, please park as directed, and walk to the pedestrian entry point. Exhibitors, trade stall holders and those needing to enter the oval, please follow the road to the oval entry gate. Only Chryslers and related marques will be permitted to exhibit on the oval.  

Enquiries: Club Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Chrysler Expo 2021 Brochure    /    Showgrounds Map   /   Entry Form and COVID Checkin 

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