Chrysler vehicles

Welcome friends and Chrysler Enthusiast to another the first Presidents message for 2017, it is great to see some new people at our Club meetings again.

I hope you all had as safe and plentiful Christmas time the New Year starts and the travels back to work with the young Chrysler Owners returning to school so take care. It is the warmer months of the year and that means that everybody will be out and about on the road, I have seen some very nice rides on my journeys. Just a little bit of trivia I was reading somewhere that Dodge may be bringing the Challenger over to Australia but it won’t be until the 2018 model build, so it looks like I will not be getting one as I hope to have retired by then and living the life of luxury.

I was at the Club room having a meeting with the Club who runs the club rooms and I am happy to report back the following.

Some of the notes that I took down.

  1. The Bins in the kitchen and other areas are not being cleaned or at least emptied. I can say that that was not directed at the Chrysler Owners Club. As Rose & Tina empty them after every Club meeting.
  2. Some Clubs asked if the garages out the back of the grounds were available the VACC said that there are no more available to rent out to the other clubs.
  3. The Vintage Motor Cycle Club asked if there can be some extra space made available for the clubs trophies again that was not an option as there in not enough space or any other place to put a trophy cabinet.
  4. Under the current location of the TV. Will be built in to provide to provide storage for the VACC club.
  5. The Air Con came up again and was put to rest with a resounding NO from all clubs so if the VACC put it in they will have tenants up in arms over it as we all said we do not want the extra impost placed on the clubs.
  6. The Early FORD V8 Club pointed out that the front door was not locked and the alarm not reset when they came in to hold their meeting. That is so easy to fix the last Club that was in the club rooms before the Early FORD V8 Club would have been responsible. Or the alarm it self wilt el you who disarmed it last.
  7. The VACC kept up with the Air Con and some of the discussion went around to if it has to go in then tit should be connected to the Alarm system. So, if we the Chrysler Owners Club QLD forget to lock the door and reset the alarm then the power bill will be ours until the next club comes in and resets the alarm.
  8. As the Clubs, all said no to the air Con the VACC mentioned that they want to install the BIG ASS fans the type that Costco and Bunnings have in their huge buildings.
  9. Rent increase will be 10% per annum
  10. The VACC tried to tell us that when they had a day time tenant that tenant was subsidizing our rent well I asked how they tried to confuse the issue but whilst they were talking to the meeting other clubs said to me exactly what I was saying they are trying to get around putting the rent up and blame somebody else.
  11. The library room will be given a new look all clubs will be given the same amount of space, and that is 900W X 58D X 2060H. They say if your gear does not fit in then we cannot leave it in the library.
  12. The sheds out the back came up again and the VACC were asked were they going to put any more up. The answer was so amateurish that some of the people that were at the meeting just rolled their eyes the VACC said the council will not allow any more sheds on the premises. What Council will say no to getting more money (councils are robbers) legal robbers.

Well captive readers that is about the offering of the VACC for that meeting just keep an eye on this page as I hear more I will pass it on. So, let us get out there, support the club on the runs, and have the fun that we all planned to have when we started with the Club.

Graham McLean
President Chrysler Owners Club Qld Inc