Chrysler vehicles

Hello, and welcome to the July 2015 Newsletter.
Hello everyone.
Winter is finally with us and has seen us having some beautiful crisp fine days perfect for outings in our cars.
We have had our club (re-)run to the Old School breakfast & then the Indian motorcycle museum and it was a great day out. Great weather, Great Company, and cool cars & bikes. The museum is expanding and we will have to go back again after the renovations are completed.
Today will see me heading out to Mopar Mayhem, and with Mopar Sunday and Chrysler Expo coming up on the horizon the future looks rosy. Remember President’s day is coming up in July 19th. Dig out some of the old stuff around your place, load up the boot & bring it along.
Check out our coming events for the next couple of months, and get out there with your Chryslers and enjoy the cooler weather.
Our minutes can be found in the preceding pages. Please see the “Forward look” or “Fluid drive” for more details on events & runs.
Till Next month, Stay safe & have a great time.