Chrysler vehicles

Hello, and welcome to the Feb 2015 Newsletter. We have had our first club run of the year and it was to the Australia Day Rally hosted by the Bayside Restorers Club. I didn’t get along to this one, but if it was like the ones I have been to in the past I am sure that everyone had a leisurely look around & left with a full tummy.
** If anyone has any pictures, please email them to us for Next month’s Newsletter **
I am looking forward to getting out & about in future runs and hope to see many of you on our travels. Keep an eye out for my old Signet.
On another note, Personalised Plated
QLD (PPQ) have released a new series
of personalised plates at $455 in the
combinations of Number Letter Letter
Letter Number (8 XXX 8 format).
Some of the cool combinations I
thought of could be 3 ONE 8, 2 SIX 5, 2 TWO 5, 2 ONE 5, 3 SIX 0, 4 FOR 0.
Years can also work well 6 TEE 1, 6 TEE 2 etc., or 6 TEA 1 etc.
The same would work for 70’s or 80’s.
I’m not sure what’s still available, but as they were only released on Feb01 there may still be some good combinations left. Get in Quick.
Our first meeting for 2015 went off fine & the minutes can be found in the preceding pages. Please see the “Forward look” or “Fluid drive” for more details on events & runs. Till Next month, Stay safe & have a great time.