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Welcome friends and Chrysler Enthusiast to our first run in a long time.

The day started out like my day does normally (no not really) I awoke at 06:30 to the sound of silence no rain no wind it was a beautiful Sunday morning. At this time, I would normally get up and cook Rose our Sunday breakfast of bacon eggs, Beans and mushrooms, but that was not to be this Sunday. I shower some cereal and get the PT Cruiser ready for the Club Run to Bribie Island, surf side.

The reason for the PT Cruiser is we no longer have a classic car to take out on club runs, A story you will not doubt hear about. The McLean Tribe are ready to go so we set off to wait At the BP North Bound on the Bruce Highway, we get comfortable and wait. I get the phone call saying we are on our way from Bruce the run coordinator.

Rose and I sit on the on ramp to the Highway and wait for the first of the club cars to pass then we off and join in the cruise to Bribie Island. I counted twelve cars it was a great turn out.

I caught up with Jeff and Merle on the Bribe Island turn off and take over the front car on the run.it started to rain the sort of rain that says it is in for the day.

By the time we got to the BBQ site it had stopped and it was a fine wonderful day. As always when a bonnet goes up the head go under to have a look, shortly after arriving and setting up I gathered all around and gave the we are COVID safe words social distancing and the hand sanitizer location.

All that attended had a great day no rain just wind that the Chrysler Owners had to invent ways of keeping the BBQ alight.

A great thank you to Bruce for the BBQ and the food as always well done and thank you Bruce.

I also put a suggestion to the group of 30 Club members and family that we have a club run each month as the Club meeting that was a resounding yes from the members that were at Bribie Island. It was suggested that we have a different venue each time north, south, east and west so all club members can attend and it does not favor the members just on one side of the river.

I will bring it up at the next club meeting at the Club rooms to see how they feel about it. It was also suggested that we do it on a Sunday day time have the club meeting so that more people can attend both the club meeting and the run as people are not too comfortable driving at night and sometimes in the rain at night.

It was a great run like I said many cars and a lot of new members attended as well. It was a great day out, thank you to all that attended.

Graham McLean
Chrysler Owners Club Qld Inc
Home Phone (07) 3203 2334
Mobile No 0414 809 498
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
"Fear is the Thief of Dreams"

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