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The following information comes from Peter Arnold - President of the Veterans Car Club of Australi (Queensland) Inc.

Things keep changing it is hard to keep up. The date of introduction of Level 3 has been brought forward to Friday 3rd July, so a few more clubs may now be able to have their July meetings in the clubrooms.

With the announcements from the Premier this week, there are 2 things which change our restrictions. From a tax point of view, we are regarded as a small business and the auditorium is under 2,000m 2 in area. That then means that we only need to allow for 2m 2 per person and not 4, up to a maximum of 50 people as long as 1.5 metres social distancing is followed.

Committee Meetings

In theory we can have up to 8 people in the Committee Room, and as long as they sit against the wall and not all close to the table, this should allow for the 1.5 metre separation.

General Meetings

Under the 4m 2 per person rule, we were allowed 36 people not allowing for family groups, however it will be impossible to have 50 people even allowing for family groups, given that we still have to allow 1.5 metre separation between individuals and family groups. A more realistic figure would be 40 to 45 depending on how many couples attend and as long as they sit together.

The cleaner has been in to give the place an initial clean and he will be back each Thursday as usual. We are having a working bee at the club this Saturday to give it a final clean and tidy up the grounds. The hand wash station will be established at the second sink in the kitchen and the sanitiser and paper towels will be left on the bench near the BBQ and table cupboard keys. This should be used to sanitise the bench tops in the kitchen, the BBQ and tables whenever they are used.


A number of clubs have been emailing questions so I will try to answer some of these.

  • Can we have dinner on the veranda before meetings?
    Yes, provided you bring enough tables out of the cupboard to allow for 1.5 metre separation between family groups. The kitchen can be used to warm up meals provided no more than 2 people are in there at a time and the BBQ can be used as long as the cooks observe the 1.5 metre separation rule.
  • Can we have supper after the meeting?
    There is not sufficient room in the kitchen and around the servery to allow for social distancing, so the kitchen is closed to supper.
    You could however have supper on the veranda as long as the tea, coffee and drinks are handled by one or two servers and the food is served on individual disposable plates. Self-service is not allowed under the current rules.


A reminder that you must keep a record of who attends your meeting with contact details. Your attendance book and member records should be sufficient, however any visitors need to be recorded.
There will probably be further updates as the rules continue to evolve and if you have questions feel free to email them.
We thank you for your continued support and hope that we can get back to whatever our new normal will be as soon as possible.

Peter Arnold
President VCCA(Q)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
0417 615 149

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