Chrysler vehicles

Hi all, welcome to this month’s Presidents message.

Some may have noted my absence from the October club meeting and run, I’ve been busy with family matters interstate but are now very happy to be back home in Brisbane. Thanks to
everyone who took charge of things whilst I was away.

We had a club run on October 22 nd with a trip to Tamborine Mountain. then in November we have our club Christmas Party which this year will be held at the Oxley Golf Club on November 26 th from 11am. (This also constitutes our monthly club run so there is no additional run for November). Promising to be bigger and better than any before, we have lucky door prizes, raffles, a trivia event and other prizes and giveaways to make the day a fun time for all.

To secure your seat please pay $20.00 per head pronto (this covers our catering costs if people don’t show) which is fully refunded to you on the day.

A little personal story that I’m sure we can all relate to. I know we all have cars that do require a bit of work to keep them going, usually along with a healthy injection of cash. I decided to
look at the cooling system in my CM valiant recently.

It usually ran too cold barely making it off the stop, the heater was useless, but then it would get too hot in slow traffic. So I pulled the old radiator, hoses, thermostat housing and water pump off after draining everything. There was virtually no thermostat left, (don’t know where this went?), the water pump was down to about 2 vanes out of 6, the hoses were old and bulging and the radiator was a bit clogged. All the above was replaced and the system refilled. It now warms up as expected, the gauge is steady and the heater works, bonus. That should be that for the next 20 odd years I hope!

Enjoy your rides people, look forward to seeing you all real soon, cheers for now.

Greg Holburt
COCQ President