Chrysler vehicles

Hi all, welcome to this month’s Presidents message. I trust you are all well and are out enjoying your vehicles with the magnificent weather bestowed upon us in recent weeks, I know I have!

Expo planning is moving along well and by the time you read this I hope that all volunteers that helped us with the 2021 event have enjoyed our club run to Old Petrie Town and a meal in appreciation of your efforts. We will soon be recruiting volunteers for the 2022 event. With the food this year being provided by others we will not need food tent volunteers. Our focus will be on other traditional duties including car park management, marshalling of vehicles and patrons, etc. We should be able to offer a short stint of volunteering so that we can all enjoy everything the Expo has to offer without being stuck at your post for too long on the day.

Regarding the Annual General Meeting to be held in September this year, we’ve had suggestions that our AGM could perhaps be conducted at an alternative venue or on an alternative date? Maybe we create a special club run or hold the AGM at a pub or club and include a meal? Please let us know your thoughts. The idea being that if we create a more special AGM event, we might get more participants. If you are thinking of nominating for a Committee position, nomination forms are located on our website so members can do so. Just send the completed form to our Secretary.

We hope to have the revised constitution ready for discussion at the AGM where we can run through the basic updates and then put that to a vote. Once this is done, we send the document to the Office of Fair Trading who are the keepers of all constitutions. They review the requested changes and if satisfied approve the document and advise us accordingly.

As stated last month, we would welcome your suggestions on things that might motivate you to come along and join in the regular club meetings. This month (July) I will be presenting a PowerPoint presentation detailing the build of my Charger from the day I picked it up to now. This might bore people senseless but it’s worth trying! So, I’m setting the example and I implore other members to have a think about adding content to our meetings. It’s your club, please get involved and help us grow to the mutual benefit of all.

Finally, our trailer was delivered back to Bruce this week and is ready for our next outing. I’ve included a few pictures of the finished works that our newsletter editor will include in this month’s newsletter. I’m sure you will agree it looks very professional and ready to serve us for many years to come.

Have a great month, enjoy your vehicles and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Greg Holburt
COCQ President