Chrysler vehicles

Hi all, welcome to this month’s Presidents message. There is an air of confidence creeping back into our lives as the stranglehold of Covid ebbs away, let’s hope we’ve seen the worst of it and we can all return to a sense of normality going forward.

The April club run to the Gatton Transport Museum has been rescheduled to the 15 th of May and I know many people are looking forward to that, myself included. We have massaged plans for several interesting club runs in the coming months and we hope these can all occur as scheduled without further weather events getting in our way. See the website for details.

Our April Expo meeting discussed the provision of food and in the May general meeting we will take a vote to see how members think it should be done. We have 2 options:

  1. The club volunteers run the food tent as we did last year.
    For: The club makes a profit, the volunteer team seem to enjoy it!
    Against: We need a lot of volunteers; we can be left with excess unsold food.
  2. We outsource to the Lions club.
    For: Lions take care of everything, our club is essentially donating the profit to the community focused Lions club, we free up our volunteers to work shorter shifts in different areas of the event.
    Against: Our club makes no profit from food sales.

    Please come along to the May meeting if you want to submit a vote.

Other Expo planning is underway and we would welcome more members at the meetings to give support to ensure we put on the best possible show. I have spoken to the Rocklea Showgrounds manager who told the story of 2.5 metres of flood water totally engulfing the grounds and buildings. Similarly, the Rocklea State School was engulfed with many of its buildings requiring to be demolished and replaced with new structures. On a brighter note, both facilities will be available for this year’s event.

We had new members and a visitor attend our last general meeting, a welcome addition to our regular member roll-up. We are looking at ways to improve the general meetings to increase numbers. We would welcome your suggestions on things that might motivate you to come along and join in the camaraderie of like-minded car nuts! Why not send an email to the Secretary with 3 things that might make you come along? Maybe we could focus on supplier presentations, technical talk sessions, better free food, etc. It’s your club, please get involved and help us grow to the mutual benefit of all.

Follow up on my Charger fuel leak from the March Newsletter. I changed over the fuel pump which was leaking from the body of the pump. Upon closer inspection I noted that the pump had been dismantled and then re-crimped. These items are not serviceable, they are just a throw-away. I had bought the pump last year from an unknown source online and it seems I have been ripped off! It pays to shop with reputable suppliers where a few extra dollars offer the peace of mind you get from quality spare parts. Lesson learned (again)!

Have a great month, enjoy your vehicles and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Greg Holburt
COCQ President