Chrysler vehicles

Welcome friends and Chrysler Enthusiast to another monthly newsletter.

Last month’s general meeting Rose & I were unable to attend, so the president of Vice or should I say the Vice President Barry took over for me and I am told he fended well for him self thank you Barry for that. 

I am also told that just a few of the club members went to the RACQ fest, let’s hope that they had a good day of it, I reckon you should get this newsletter before the next club meeting and as such that meeting is a Chrysler EXPO meeting. So it is an early start at 6:30pm for the EXPO meeting then the club meeting afterwards. Please come along and help out where you
can as it makes work a lot less arduous for the few that turn up to help out and it is always the same few club members.

Now for some good news - and that was how it was put to me: for those in the know or maybe for those not in the know, our newsletter editor tells me that he has got his DODGE Phoenix on the road and registered!  Well done Steve - bring it along to the club meeting in July so that we can all have a look at this land yacht. I believe that that year was amongst the largest cars that DODGE sent out to Australia and none as big since.

The next club run is to Willow Bank for MOPAR Sunday sound like a great day out tyres burning fuel being consumed and the roar of the MOPAR motors thundering down the track.

That brings me to the 2018 Detroit Motor show, on the dodge stand they had two of the latest Challengers strapped to the floor and set up as a drag racing display and you could have a go. I got up to 135 Miles per hour down the ¼ mile and won two out of three runs. The first run I had no idea what I was doing - Me? drive fast? Never! Well after they said you cannot hurt these cars they are the Dodge Challenger I gave it what for and it was just a great feeling, just trying to peer over the bonnet all I could see was the clouds and I never moved an inch it was a great interactive stand to try out. I could go on but 7000 RPM 6 speed box with paddles.

But back to the newsletter. Chrysler EXPO is getting closer and if you have not offered to help, this is the clubs only fund raiser for the year. It has stopped the memberships going up and the monthly newsletter being printed but it also helps pay for the BBQ’s that the club puts on and helps support the Christmas party that we all enjoy.

So do get involved and help raise some much-needed funds to keep the club viable and running. Lets get out there - support the club on the runs, and have the fun that we all planned to have when we started with the Club.