Chrysler vehicles

Welcome friends and Chrysler Enthusiast to another monthly newsletter, it is great to see some new people at our Club meetings again.
This month September is the month for the AGM and it is the time to elect people that will carry out the tasks of the President, Secretary, Treasurer as well as the other club positions that have helped get this club to the size and standing that we have seen grown too, from the inception of the Chrysler Owners Club QLD Inc. back in the late eighties 1988 to be precise. Due to the ability of my roster clerk, I am now finding myself unable to get to the club meetings, as I would expect to as the President of the Chrysler Owners Club. So for this year I may have to stand aside so as to get this problem sorted so that I can get to all the club meetings and represent our club the best I can.
Now that that is said it is soon to be our Chrysler EXPO time the 5th Oct. As we have lost some very helpful and active club members due to them moving out of state, we will need club members to assist in the running of the largest Chrysler Show “N” Shine in the southeast corner of our great state.
This is the 100th year since the Dodge Brothers produced their first motor vehicle and we want to celebrate this with a display of the Dodge Brand of fine sheet metal on the day. We also have a double neon Dodge ram clock from the USA this clock will be raffled after the presentation of the trophies so if you are not there for the clock raffle you miss out, as we cannot post it out due to size and cost. There will also be a Dodge Ram barstool to be raffled club members will be walking around selling the tickets also this will be called after the presentation of the trophies, and again if you are not there we are unable to post it to you.
The warm weather is getting closer and the Chrysler family of fine sheet metal will want to
get out of the garage and stretch their wheels/legs so now would be a great time to get them ready or the warmer weather club runs that are being organised by our most inventive club run co-ordinator.
So let us get out there, support the club on the runs, and have the fun that we all planned to have when we started with the Club.
Graham McLean
EXPO Committee Member