Chrysler vehicles

Welcome friends and Chrysler Enthusiast to another monthly newsletter, it is great to see some new people at our Club meetings again.
Now I know that my love of the Chrysler Family of fine sheet metal goes back to the era of expensive fuel and the silent police man on the streets of Sydney, but the first Chrysler family of fine sheet metal I looked under the bonnet of was mums 1963 Hillman Husky,
It was gunmetal grey and with an eight year old under the bonnet, doing what all boys do when a bonnet goes up you look and say what have you done? Well this was my first sight of a car engine and the first time I was allowed to check the oil and the water.
From those small beginnings to now, I have collected a fleet of Chrysler Family of Fine Sheet Metal like some of our other club members they too have also collected a small fleet of Chrysler Family cars. Back to the era of expensive fuel, and the silent Police Man how the cost of motoring has changed people complain about the cost of fuel for their classic car. At the tender age of seventeen, I was paying a huge price for fuel at the servo, fuel was 27c a gallon about 4.45 ltr the adult wage was $67.37 for males and $53.52 for females, (YEAR BOOK Australia 1979 Australian Bureau of Statistics) that is less that .04% of the adult wage for 4.45 ltr back in 1972. Yet today with the cost of fuel at $1.58c per Ltr that is $7.031c a gallon. The wage for the average male wage is $900 that is less than .007%. And people wing about the cost of fuel it has got cheaper.
And on the subject of stats the C 300 V6 has a power plant that if unleashed would propel me into the arms of the law in about 15 seconds yet the 300 only has a 225 slant six equivalent hiding under deadening foam and the sheet metal.
Now the reason for that lot let us see more of the classic Chrysler Family cars out and about and on the club runs also at the club meetings it is great to see them on the road.
As well, I am waiting for Cameron to get back to me on the date for our next Chrysler of Yester Year car display at the Northstar dealership. Therefore, as soon as I know the date I will let all know so keep a Saturday free in sept for the day in the dealership.
The annual General Meeting is not far away and we will need some committee members to take over the helm and the other positions this year.
So let us get out there, support the club on runs, and have the fun that we all planned to have when we started with the Club.
Graham McLean
EXPO Committee Member