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Welcome friends and Chrysler Enthusiasts to another monthly newsletter, it is great to see some new people at our Club meetings again.

Its Chrysler EXPO time again, and as always, the committee is looking for volunteers, I know some have said "yes I can help out", but with the organizing and the work that has gone in to Chrysler EXPO this year we are going to need as much help as we can get.

For those that can help set up on Saturday 31st August we need you there about lunch time to get the marquees up the tables out and the areas set out for the displays and the show cars.

This year we have so much more going to happen it will take some organizing to get the Rocklea Showgrounds set up. On the Sunday we will need people to get on site by about 5:30am so that we can get the volunteers organised in place and ready to let in the Trades stalls as well the swappers. The Show cars will turn up about 06:00am so that they can get set up. Some of the jobs that need to be done do not need to be started to early as they are the runners and the drinks people.

Now that I have had my say on Chrysler EXPO - the Auction.  This time set up by Rose is the original clamp holder / release tool - this is used to put on the original hose clamps not the ones that you use a screw driver for. So if you are looking for this type of original clamp release tool then all you need to do is to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your bid I will put your bid in the next newsletter, not your name or club members number.

The first newsletter for the year of 2020 will be January - you will see it in the first week of February with the winning bid and the name of the winner. The reason I ask for emails is so that it is not open to any misunderstanding.

This year the XMAS Dinner will be at the Club rooms in November so look out for the invitations that will be coming out in the newsletter real soon. The usual $15 totally refundable deposit this, as it does every year helps pay for the people that find they have forgotten or just do not turn up for the fully catered for dinner. You will get your deposit returned to you the when you show up for the XMAS Dinner.

Just after that event in our calendar is Christmas, the silly season where a lot of people forget that it is unsafe to drive after 15 whiskies or 25 schooners of beer in the same sitting!

I know it is only the last week in August but drive safely and be polite on the roads of our great state QLD.

So, let us get out there, support the club on the runs, and have the fun that we all planned to have when we started with the Club.

Graham McLean
Chrysler Owners Club Qld Inc
Home Phone (07) 3203 2334
Mobile No 0414 809 498
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

" Fear is the Thief of Dreams "